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When I was trying to build my home office, the website helped me a lot to choose my equipment so I share my own too.




  • VS Code

    For the most of the coding projects I am working on, I am using VS Code with Vim bindings. It has a huge community and is as simple and as complex as I need.

  • Vim

    For configuration files and simple coding projects, I am using Vim. Although I am using VS Code with the Vim bindings, I do not feel ready to switch all my repositories to Vim yet. If you are interested in my dotfiles, you can find them here.

  • Chrome

    I have tried Brave, Firefox, Opera and Safari but I ended up using Chrome.

  • iTerm2

    When I tried WSL2, I was using Windows Terminal. When I tried Linux, I was using Alacritty. Now, I am using iTerm2. I read that the MacOS community prefers it so I gave it a shot and I liked it.

  • GitHub

    All of my repositories are hosted on GitHub. The reason I chose it is that it has the biggest community compared with the other platforms.

  • Figma

    I do not design a lot but when I do, I use Figma. It is free, simple and online.


  • Alfred

    Apple Spotlight feels a little buggy and slow. Alfred is a much faster alternativre and it feels smoothly to use it.

  • 1Password

    I do not have much to say. If you are not using a password manager, just use 1Password.

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